Monday, February 15, 2010

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Did you ever wake up in the most frustrating mood of your life ? Did u feel like cursing your alarm the first thing in the morning ?

You curse your paste for tasting like fluoride as you brush your teeth. You do shit and curse the sambhar that you ate last night. On your way to office you curse the signal which turned red just as you crossed the zebra crossing. As you park your bike, you curse the adjacent bike, whose seats were graced by the warmth of feminine butt the previous night. As soon as you enter the office you start to curse the AC. You switch on your PC (only to realize that it will start when Krishna is reincarnated in another Yuga)and curse the antivirus system. Then you walk in for a meeting with the manager and he curses you. You come out, you curse him back. You curse God too. You even curse the IIT system.

But everything changes the moment you see Tendulkar hitting a century. Nothing in the world can beat that. It has such charisma that it can heal anything – be it the horrors of the Mumbai Attack or the recent Pune attack or even Mongia’s batting for India.

The roar you hear in stadium, the tightening of the fists as he proceeds from 94 to 100, the gasp when he misses a ball, the relief when he leaves a delivery outside the off stump, the quickening heart beats when the bowler makes a stifled appeal, the cheer for a single and the disappointment for the leg bye. Even multiple orgasms can't match those emotions.

A small observation:
A lot of guys feel this sudden urge to go to the loo when Sachin is batting in the 90s. Either I am over observant or it is probably because the TV is near my bathroom.


karthikjayanthi said...

Which mongia ?..Dinersh or Nayan ?? .ofcourse both were cuppers only :D

Rakesh said...

100 years from now, this man will be worshiped as God, LITERALLY...and universally. Very few realize how privileged we are to be watching him live in action, in flesh and blood!

Kathryn said...

HA! It's all that excitement....making everyone need to pee!

Nipun said...

Sachin is God!!
A blog dedicated to him can be started anytime.
I will assist u in that..:)
Loved the expressions in the first para.
*Sachin Sachin*
Will write a poem on his gr8nes for sure..:)



Cricket-without- Balls said...

@Poba: Yesh dude, They all sucked!! Can you Imagine the length of career they enjoyed despite their talent content

@Rakesh: He is worshipped as a god now, he will be worshipped as a God then!! But yeah we are the previliged one to see him batting Live :)

Cricket-without- Balls said...

@Kathryn: Hahaha, You are right!! I overlooked this possibility :)

@Nipun: Poem! That would be really interesting. I am desperately waiting for it. Mail it across fast :)

Nipun said...


Sure sure..
It will take some time.
But i will do it for sure sum day..

Cricket-without- Balls said...

@Nipun: we are waiting :)

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