Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Black Swan Miracle

The 1st ODI between India and South Africa was witness to a rare blue moon event. It is a miracle, to say the least. And if you missed it, you have just lost yourself a chance to see the hand of God at play with your own eyes.

No.. I am not talking about the bizarre incident where a Yorker with 136 kmph, kisses the off stump and races away for four and the bails don’t fall. That was just weird.

No.. I am also not talking about Parnell’s blistering inning and his amazing partnership with Steyn which brought the game alive (so much so that it almost experienced an anti-climax).
No.. it’s also not about the once in a decade slide of Tendulkar or Jadeja’s MOM award or Sreesanth’s 2 wickets.

I am talking about the sixer, hit by Nehra, Ashish Nehra.

Yes, My friend, Yes.

An event which Nissim Nicholos Taleb would rightly call a ‘Black Swan’. An event whose probability equals the probability of seeing the Halley’s Comet thrice in one’s lifetime. An event which supersedes everyone’s expectation and wildest imaginations.

Even, Venkatpathy Raju’s fiver falls pale in front of this. These were the crucial 6 runs which made all the difference in the end.

When I saw this I couldn’t believe my eyes. I pinched myself, poked myself in the eye and even tried to jump up off the second floor to convince myself that I was still alive and it was not heaven, where every ones secret desire comes true.

Anyone who has watched this miracle, will be convinced of the powers of his majesty and of the fact that wishes of people like us and Nehra, don’t go unheard. It will come as a rude shock to all atheists. This incident gives us hope. It was like one of those scenes where the life of the protagonist changes (In more Bollywoodesque terms after ‘behen ka Rape’). I feel no shame in admitting that my life will never be the same again.

I will wake up each time believing that one day I will see Keira Knightley calling me for a cold bath in a tub. She will make one of those lustful inviting gestures, that make men weak in their knees, and I will jump in to the tub. She will tear away my clothes and then we will make wild animal …..err……So where were we?

Oh yeah, Nehra, Ashish Nehra.

Screw him.

My life has changed.

I am going to sleep. To wake up in a good mood :)

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