Tuesday, March 23, 2010

IPL Diaries III

In the Mad-Ad World of IPL, if Lalit Modi has his way don’t be surprised if you find the likes of Bhogle and Shastri sounding like Business Quiz Masters than cricket commentators.

Symonds is as safe as a house .. err.. Symonds is as safe as Future Generali Insurance
That one went like a trace of bullet .. err.. That one went as if it had been oiled by Shell Lubricants
Going Going Gone...err.. Going Going and that’s gone out of here for a Thomas Cook Holiday

Not just commentary, even Players and Officials may end up being tagged with sponsors.

HSBC World’s Local Bank IPL
Servo 100% Performance Everytime Rahul Dravid
Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) Edge is Efficiency Mongoose Bat
Big Bazaar Isse Sastaa Aur Achhha Kahin Nahi Milega Shane Watson
Bingo Har Angle se mmmm Priety Zinta

And if Brian Lara fails to be part of IPL IV, Lalit Modi might end up saying –
There are somethings money can’t buy, for everything else there’s IPL.

To wrap this up, we have something courtesy cricinfo

In other news, a furious Pakistan Cricket Board is frantically searching for a player named Karbonn Kamaal,(brother of Asim Kamaal ?) who has apparently gone against the wishes of the board and is currently playing in the IPL. "Our sources say that this player has been playing and taking catches for multiple teams in the IPL. We will ban him mid-innings if it need be," said a distinguished looking gentleman with a resplendent, and slightly intimidating, white moustache.


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