Tuesday, March 23, 2010

IPL Diaries II

IPL is to world cricket what the ECB is to South Africa. Like the ECB has been the best employer for South Africa – Jonathan Trott, Matt Prior and Kevin Pieterson to name a few – the IPL has made stars of little known commodities like Nannes, Marsh, Harris and Watson. Warne in particular has taken the lead. With fortunes of RR plummeting don’t be surprised if you find a Tobanda Tmobia opening the bowling or some Wang Soo Chin coming in at one down later this spring.

It may be good news for other nations but has some brought to fore some dark truths for the home country. We now realize that Yusuf Pathan is not a Viv Richards in the making but a sporting version of Shiv Sena – all talk and no show – an over hyped minnow bashing hooligan. Yusuf Pathan treats spinners the same way as the Shiv Sena treats Biharis: Both the Shiv Sena and Pathan stand clueless when they have to confront tougher opponents. The IPL has also shown that Raina is still as susceptible to the short ball as the owners of this blog are to the inviting gestures of Kiera Knightly. It seems that we are nowhere close to replacing Anil Kumble. The best Indian spinner on show seems to be a 33 year old representing KKR !

The success of Lalit Modi.. err .. the success of IPL has suddenly seen a huge increase in the number of applications to the Business Admin course at the Duke University... ( for the uninitiated that’s where Modi is supposed to have done his graduation – at least according to Wiki. You are never sure with Indians though - a B.A from Dadar Business School would very likely be put on the CV as a M.B.A from Darden Business School... If you don’t believe us just go and check out Rahul Gandhi’s educational qualifications from 5 different sources. There’s everything from Delhi to Boston to London for a single undergrad degree).


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